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Flying our new aircraft home !

Well we've started our journey .... taking the easy way across the North Atlantic ... in the back of an Air Transat A310 from Glasgow to Toronto.

Funnily enough the flight routing was the reverse of our plan - watching the map screen it was a bit like a dry run - so instead of our planned 30 hours of flight in our seaplane at 20,000 feet, it was 6 hours 40 minutes at 38,000 feet on the jet - a lot less fun and excitement than stopping in the Canadian Artic, Greenland and Iceland.

The Air Transat jet crossed the coast of Canada over Goose Bay - we plan  to depart Goose Bay in the opposite direction on Friday 22nd - we'll keep you posted.

Next step is Toronto to Minneapolis, once again as passengers, in the back of a little Air Canada Challenger jet.

We're picking up our new seaplane at the little general aviation airport of South St. Paul Municipal (airport code KSGS) on the west side of the city of Minneapolis. The schedule calls for a departure at 5am CDT (6 hours behind the UK) on Thursday the 21st - next stop Ottawa in Canada.

Our schedule is totally dictated by the opening times of the airfields in Greenland - they close on Sundays and this week our flight is further complicated by the airfields being closed on Friday due to a public holiday.

Best wishes - David