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Wipaire - the maker of floats !!!!!

If Aladdin was a seaplane pilot this would be his cave .... and it would be Christmas !

Wipaire at South St. Paul, Minneapolis make incredible floats for land aeroplanes - our Cessna 208 Caravan came off the production line in Cessna's Kansas factory during the first week of March and was flown North to Minneapolis.

Based at Fleming Field, otherwise know as South St. Paul Municipal Airport, Wipaire have been making floats since just after the Second World War and it's newest design, the 8750, has just been fitted to our aircraft ...... these floats really are an upgrade to the old 8000 model and we're looking forward to checking them out.

Wipaire make several different types of floats - the smallest fit the little two seat Piper Cub aircraft and the largest design is fitted to the 19 seat Twin Otter - these are seriously big floats.

Today, Wednesday, is the last day of preparation and planning for our Transatlantic flight - on Thursday we depart for a fuel stop and customs clearance in Ottawa and then onwards to Goose Bay in Newfoundland. A total flight time of some ten hours over 1500 miles.

A fascinating website : www.wipaire.com