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Leg 3 - Goose Bay to Frobisher Bay on 22nd April

Our aircraft has no de-icing equipment and that makes it pretty tricky to get over the North Atlantic via the Arctic Circle in Winter and today's flight to Frobisher Bay also know as Iqaluit presented a few problems.

The temperature at Goose Bay was 4 degrees celsius and the cloud base was almost on the ground with freezing rain forecast, the pilot's biggest concern weather wise.

Luckily we managed to bump into a recently arrived crew and found out that the cloud tops were also low which was good news - even better news was that a significant inversion existed above the Goose Bay area - that is, instead of the temperature dropping with altitude it actually increased - we decided to depart.

The decision to depart was correct and we had an excellent run up to Frobisher Bay - 810 miles in 4 hours and 13 minutes.

After a couple of hours we were flying over the pack ice of Hudson's Bay - on the approach into Frobisher the views of the mountains were incredible.

On landing the temperature was -18C - we fuelled the aircraft and topped up the Oxygen for the morning departure - we knew Frobisher was expensive but paying £250 for oxygen (air) left us laughing heartily. A lovely bunch of friendly folk in Frobisher meant we had a great evening.

Tomorrow we depart for Greenland and Iceland.

Hope you enjoy the images below.

The pack ice in Hudson's Bay

Mountains to the East of the approach into Frobisher Bay

Topping up the fuel and oxygen at minus 18C