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Leg 5 - Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland to Keflavik, Iceland on 23rd April

This is the 5th leg of the trip and the one we’re most excited about – we’re flying over the Greenland Ice Sheet !!

The forecast promised clear skies for our 825 mile flight and a strong tailwind meant a flight time of 4 hours 7 minute trip.

As we departed Sondre Stromfjord and climbed up over the mountains we began to see what appeared to be an ocean with a long coast line – as we got closer we were speechless – the images I’ve uploaded just doesn’t do it justice. 

The images with the sea ice and ice bergs were taken near Kulusuk on the East Coast of Greenland.

The ice sheet extends about 656,000 square miles, some 1,500 miles long (north/south) and 685 miles wide in the North.

After 450 miles and nearly two hours of jaw dropping iews we left the ice cap behind and crossed the Denmark Strait toward Keflavik. The pack ice extended out from Greenland 50 miles or more and, of course, there were a few giant icebergs around.

We reached Iceland just as darkness fell and landed at Keflavik airport – as we left the aircraft the temperature was 8C but in the raw wind and drizzle it felt 50 times colder than Frobisher Bay at minus 21C.

We arrived at the hotel at 11pm and planned to get up at 5am for our last day. Tomorrow the plan is to fly initially to Wick Airport in Northern Scotland to clear customs and drop off all of our survival equipment (raft and immersion suits) and then on to our home base of Glasgow.

Hope you enjoy the images below:

Climbing out of Sondre Stromfjord - the West side of the Ice Sheet

The Ice Cap

East Coast of Greenalnd Near Kulusuk

East Coast of Greenland

Hundreds of large Icebergs