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Legs 6 & 7 - Keflavik to Wick, Scotland then to Glasgow on 24th April


Again we’ve been blessed with a great forecast and we are expecting blue skies … that is, after we clear the low overcast black clouds covering Keflavik.

Flight time to Wick is just 3 hours and 42 minutes to cover the 760 miles – another fantastic tailwind. The forecast for Wick is good but the airfield does not open until 1530 so we’ve got to arrange our departure accordingly.

After departure, sure enough, we burst out of cloud at 3,000 feet on our climb to 13,000 feet – and after 30 minutes of flight we clear the Icelandic coast and the cloud dissipates – below us a very calm Atlantic Ocean. A pilot’s dream - blue skies and tailwinds !!!

When we reach airway position RATSU (N61 W10) we are cleared by Icelandic Radio to contact Scottish Air Traffic Control – although we have some 320 miles to run to Wick we feel as though we’re almost home.

As we passed 80 miles to the North North East of the Outer Hebrides we saw the island of Rhona – more isolated than St. Kilda, it is the most remote island in the British Isles to have been inhabited on a long-term basis. Not to be found on many maps.

Landing at Wick was very uneventful. The temperature was about 10C but it was freezing thanks to the 30 mph wind from the North West – it seems the further we get from the Arctic the colder it gets

After we dropped off our survival equipment and cleared customs we were on our way again.


Just one hour to Glasgow at 10,000 feet.

Familiar voices as we called Glasgow Air Traffic Control on the approach frequency of 119.1 - as we were vectored for landing on runway 23 we caught a glimpse of Loch Lomond the seaplane’s new home.

So the GAMA AVIATION team at Glasgow Airport have the aircraft and will make the changes that make the US registered airplane N697ZZ a UK aeroplane registered G-LAUD.

An amazing 4 days – we flew for 24.9 hours and covered 4.918 miles – quite an adventure !!

Nearly there !

N697ZZ on the ramp at Wick Airport, Scotland - we've made it across "The Pond"

wick Airport - not the end of the World but you can see it from there !

N697ZZ's New Home - Loch Lomond