Our Aircraft


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The Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian

Loch Lomond Seaplanes fleet consists of new, modern, state of the art, amphibious Cessna 208 Caravan short haul regional airliners - one of the most reliable aircraft in the world today.

Over 12.5 million hours have been flown in the 2,000 plus aircraft which have been manufactured since its first flight in 1984.

The aircraft, fitted with the Pratt and Whitney PT6-114 turbine engine, the worldʼs most reliable power plant, has a dispatch rate of over 99%.

  • 10 seats.

  • Range - 790 nautical miles.

  • Maximum take-off weight 8,750 lbs.

  • Take-off run (water) 3,280' at gross weight.

  • Take-off run (land) 1,340' at gross weight.

  • Landing distance typically less than 1,123' (water) and 735' (land).

  • Cruise speed (75%) 140 Knots True Air Speed (KTAS) 20,000' service ceiling.