Refund Policy


The following information is included in our TERMS AND CONDITIONS which is sent out with every purchase:

3.        REFUNDS

3.1.     Loch Lomond Seaplanes will refund on unused tickets (i.e. no flight booking made) within 14 days of purchase.

3.2.     In the event of a tour cancellation for reasons outwith our control, such as the weather or a mechanical breakdown, refunds will be made in accordance with the terms of your ticket as follows:

3.2.1.  "Classic Ticket": no refund is available and you will need to rebook your tour before the expiry date.

3.2.2.  "Premium” ticket: entitles you, subject to our terms and conditions, to a full monetary refund of the amount paid for each ticket if your tour is cancelled by us or our pilot. If you decide to take this refund the following condition applies: you must notify us in writing before the expiry of the ticket, which is one year from the date of purchase, otherwise a charge of 100% of the ticket price will be incurred. If you decide to rebook these terms and conditions will apply to the new tour date.

3.3.     Refunds are based on the purchase price of a ticket. For example, a complimentary ticket holds no monetary value.

3.4.     If you have purchased a ticket or package pursuant to a “2-for-the-price-of-1” or “buy one get one free” offer, the full price ticket will be treated as having been redeemed first. We will not refund the value of the “free” ticket or package.

3.5.     Even though you are bound by the terms and conditions in this contract, we are not able to provide a refund or exchange if you have purchased your ticket or package from someone other than us.

3.6.     Refund requests must be made in writing. Refunds are always made to the person who purchased the tour. If the tour was originally purchased by credit or debit card, the refund will be credited to the same card within 28 days of receiving the written refund request. If the card has expired you will need to request a refund in writing, quoting details of the new card.

The following information is included in our FAQs - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section which is sent out with every purchase:


It is not widely known that when a credit/debit card is used to pay for something the retailer may not get the money from the credit card company for 2 or 3 weeks. There are also many steps in the refund process and not just with the retailer – hence the 28 days turnaround time stated in our terms and conditions which is very much an industry standard.

In effect, we simply don’t have your money. In addition, the refund has to go back to the person who bought the ticket and not necessarily the passenger who received the ticket. Large corporations can get a much better turnaround time from banks and credit card companies, sometimes as low as 2-5 working days – with small amounts, some companies also finance the refund to facilitate it before they actually receive the money in from the credit card company. Larger amounts are subject to much more scrutiny hence the turnaround time.

Obtaining a refund of a few pounds over the counter for a "returned" item bought in a large store is quite a different process from dealing with several hundred pounds spent over the telephone or online - credit card fraud is now at frightening levels.

If you google “credit card refund delays” you will find some useful sites that explain, in detail, the processes involved – for example, on the following website (please click) :

Knowledge Base

As we sell mainly over the phone, for your security, we ask for an email or written request to initiate the refund process.

If you find our credit/debit card refund policy inconvenient an alternative would be to pay by bank transfer or cash which would ensure an immediate refund in the event of cancellation.