Specific Needs


At Loch Lomond Seaplanes we try very hard indeed to get everyone flying, particularly our passengers with specific needs.


Our seaplanes are quite large but like many small commuter aircraft they are also not as easy to enter and exit as large airliners. There is no airport terminal with a large covered walkway to the door of the aircraft, the aisle between the seats is very small indeed and, unfortunately, it is not possible to get a wheelchair on to the aircraft. It is also very difficult to assist passengers whilst in the aircraft. Due to these design restrictions we are not able to carry passengers who cannot board the aircraft unaided.

For our passengers flying from Loch Lomond there is ramp access into the aircraft from the floating pontoon.  Passengers MUST be able to board UNAIDED (this will be strictly applied and if unable passengers will not be refunded). Passengers will need to be able to take their body weight on each leg in order to step into the aircraft and take a seat. Of course, the opposite is required on exit. Please see the image top right.

For our Skye passengers, unfortunately, access to the aircraft on the airfield is via a mobile stairway and several steps need to be negotiated when entering or exiting the aircraft. Out of the water, on it's wheels, the seaplane is as tall as many airliners. Please see the image bottom right.

We have researched extensively for solutions to the access issues but have been unsuccessful. It is not possible to modify the aircraft.

Please call us anytime to discuss - we will do our very best to accommodate you. You are very welcome to visit us and check the suitability of access to the aircraft.

Unfortunately, we have to advise that if you are unable to board unaided you will be denied boarding and will forfeit your ticket.


If you have any hearing, visual or general communication impairments it is very important that you contact us - our aircraft are flown single crew with no cabin staff and communication from the pilot in an emergency is primarily via the public address system only. Our aircraft have no video/text briefing facilities.


Don't let age hold you back - we've had many centenarians fly with us - come and enjoy those magnificent views again !


If you are very tall then we should be able to accommodate you. Up to a height of 6 feet 4 inches should be no problem. Please call us to discuss if you are taller.


Our seats have design weight restrictions and so we must limit passenger weight to 139 kg / 308 lbs / 22 stones.


Please refer to our dedicated information page - please CLICK HERE to be transferred.

Once again please call us to discuss your own specific needs.