Your Seaplane Experience

All the information you need on your incredible seaplane flight experience on your tour over the magnificent Scottish Landscape.


It's an intoxicating cocktail: exploring the magnificent Scottish West Coast by seaplane – take a time-out on one of the World's great journeys. Fly in an iconic seaplane back to the halcyon days of travel with a First Class window seat over the most magnificent landscape in the World.

Loch Lomond Seaplanes is the UK's only seaplane airline and it is now in its 15th year of operation. Voted by the Scots as the country’s top "must do" activity - it's a breathtaking travel experience.

This is a high quality, luxury experience - whether you're looking for a seaplane experience, an amazing scenic tour of the magnificent Scottish landscape or both, this flight guarantees memories for life.

Our highly experienced pilots have flown seaplanes in locations all over the world such as Thailand, Indonesia, Alaska, Dubai, Vancouver and the Maldives and all believe that there is nowhere that can offer such a breathtaking experience as the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Many of our passengers have mentioned that they'd also taken scenic flights over locations such as the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef and said, to quote one, "it wasn't a patch on the Highlands and Islands of Scotland". We were a bit sceptical to begin with but, we understood these comments better when one of our pilots, who had flown in the Maldives, said, “moment by moment the Scottish landscape changes as it unfolds below the seaplane - a majestic mountain peak, a stunning glen, a mysterious loch, a ancient castle, hillside colours beyond belief, even the light bursting through clouds can change the whole scene. It’s mean, it’s moody, it’s atmospheric – elsewhere, well, once you’ve seen one idyllic atoll you’ve seen them all”.

Prior to boarding your luxury, modern, quiet and spacious seaplane your Captain will introduce himself and advise you on the planned flight routing as well providing you with a professional, relaxed but, comprehensive safety briefing prior to your embarkation. After engine start the seaplane will taxi out into the Loch and position for take-off - at this point the seaplane is a boat and mixes normally with all the other water traffic - wave to the kayakers! Once ready, the engine power lever is pushed forward and the excitement begins - the jet engine starts to produce some 675 shaft horsepower, the nose begins to rises steeply into the air producing a very steep angle in the cabin and the spray from the aircraft floats starts to cascade backwards in a brilliant spray. In a few seconds the aircraft nose starts to lower and the seaplane picks up speed - the aircraft is, "on the step" - just like a speed boat - a very fast speed boat ! As the seaplane reaches around 65-70 miles per hour it begins to lift gently off the water. If there is some wave activity the take-off run feels very much like driving down a cobbled street, otherwise it can be incredibly smooth. All in all quite an assault on the senses !! Quite an experience !!

As the seaplane climbs into the air a sublime panorama begins to unfold and you hear the Captain pointing out ancient landmarks and stunning landscape features just below the aircraft - almost within touching distance.

On your return from your amazing voyage you suddenly become aware that you're getting closer to the water below - closer until you are only inches away - as the seaplane begins to touch the water, often so gently you can't feel it, you see the spray start to fly backwards off the aircraft floats. As the aircraft slows the nose of the aircraft begins to rise to a steep angle and then, in just a few seconds, the aircraft sits back into the water and once again becomes a boat - suddenly, your amazing experience has come to an end !!

After disembarkation share your special moments with your fellow travellers whilst sipping a glass of champagne by the dock - unforgettable memories for life !

Flying smoothly at 160 mph our seaplanes cover around 70 miles on our Discovery flights and approximately 110 miles on our Explorer flights.

Loch Lomond Seaplanes has flights available for booking on weekdays and weekends every week of the year with up to 250 flights per month in high season providing over 18,000 seats per year.

This year enjoy a fantastic, unique experience or, indeed, why not give the perfect gift – memories that last a life time – with a Loch Lomond Seaplanes gift voucher


  • A comprehensive briefing from your Captain

  • The thrill of taking-off and landing on water

  • A luxury voyage in an iconic seaplane

  • In-flight commentary on wifi headsets from your Captain

  • The world’s most spectacular scenery

  • Soaring over stunning lochs, glens and rugged mountain peaks *

  • Ancient castles and historic sites *

  • Quiet, spacious, luxury with a First Class view

  • Easy walk-on boarding for our senior passengers

  • Highly qualified and experienced seaplane pilots

  • After flight glass of Prosecco at the dock *

  • A map of your flight available and sent by email.

* See Terms and Conditions