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Bear Grylls & Ben Stiller fly with LLS

Earlier in 2014 we were delighted to be involved in the making of NBC TV's "Running Wild" starring Bear Grylls and Ben Stiller - the series was first shown in the USA on 4th August 2014. On 10th December 2014 the programme was shown in the UK on Channel 4's "Bear's Wild Weekends".

Bear and Ben had taken on the might of the Cuillins - the Isle of Skye's majestic mountains and, after two days of "Running Wild", our job was to get them out and back to civilisation ..... after jumping off a cliff into the water and swimming to the seaplane we took off in the biggest water I've ever encountered. It doesn't look like it but that was a big sea swell for a seaplane - the camera doesn't do it justice ! Seriously exciting stuff !

Snippets of our seaplane can be seen throughout, but mainly featured in the last five minutes of the programme as we "extract" Bear and Ben.

It's a great series - don't miss it !

The programme has been shown on Channel 4 and the UK Discovery channel. Look out for the reruns.