Loch Lomond Seaplanes BLOG.


The Times of London has reported our plans for proposed seaplane flights to Osea Island off the Essex coast near the town of Maldon on the Blackwater estuary.

Loch Lomond Seaplanes has been in talks with Mr Nigel Freida the owner of the Osea Island resort for sometime about the provision of seaplane transfers to the island.

Seaplane departures from the River Thames would be a goal for Loch Lomond Seaplanes but an approach to the Maritime authorities has yet to be made - our plans at the moment call for departures from general aviation land airports around the capital with our amphibious seaplane - departing on wheels and landing on water.

Operations are planned to start in May 2016 with flights operating through the summer through to September.

Other seaplane destinations from London are anticipated and will be announced as they become available.

Charter flights from the London area to the Scottish West Coast will also be available.